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After attempting to dine at Ca Dario (too long a wait), we decided to check out the new Mexican restaurant, Cielito, which is located in La Arcada Plaza.  The inside of the restaurant is decorated wonderfully and has a big bar, nice seating and an upstairs and downstairs.  Cielito is essentially a tapas bar so we decided to order four plates between the two of us.  They all came out at different times, which was nice as we could really focus in on one flavor at a time.  The sopesitos came out first and was quite delicious, although small (a reoccurring theme throughout the meal).  The sauce that these sat in was tasty and we even used some on our other dishes.  The next item to come out was the tostaditos, which are mini tostados.  I preferred these over the sopesitos and found them rather similar.  The filete was even smaller than the other two plates and was cooked a little too much for my particular liking.  The taste and seasoning was good, but not nearly worth the price.  Finally we had the tamale, which I felt had the best taste (I’m a big tamale fan though).  Again the portion size for this was miniscule, but tapas are tapas I guess….

The service at Cielito was hit and miss.  Our server seemed very on top of things and had a friendly personality, yet we had to ask twice for both water and napkins.  During the meal our server checked in often and even helped guide us through some of the items on the menu, yet wasn’t clear on everything himself it seemed.

The mezcal flight was in my eyes the best deal we came across during this particular dining experience.  For $15 we got three substantial shots of Mezcal (type of tequila) for tasting, all of which were wonderful!  Not many restaurants in town boast a tequila tasting menu, which I found to be a great touch to the drinks menu.

All in all it was a nice evening out, however we felt slightly unsatisfied as we left the restaurant.  The great flavor made up for the portion sizes, but not enough to justify the price in my eyes.

Would I Return: No

Worth the Price: No

Total Price : $98.00 after tip

Price: $$ ($10-$20)

Cielito Website



Tostaditos Tinga

Tostaditos Tinga

Anticucho Filete

Anticucho Filete

Mezcal Intro Flight + Tamale Oaxaqueno

Mezcal Intro Flight + Tamale Oaxaqueno


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Zaytoon has been one of my favorite restaurants in town since I went for lunch there with some friends and fell in love with their chicken shwarma. That being said I was bittersweet about tonight’s reservation as it fell in the middle of the BCS National Championship game.

Sitting outside at Zaytoon is a must as the ambiance is top-notch with high seats, fire pits, plenty of foliage and beautiful lighting.  Although we didn’t partake during this particular meal they also offer hooka and various flavored tobaccos.  We started off by ordering a bottle of the Acacia Pinot Noir which happened to be half off, along with all other bottles, on Mondays.  As much as I love the chicken shwarma I was determined to try something different this trip as I knew I’d be able to poach some off of Allison’s plate.  I chose the lemon chicken and as we waited  pitas and homemade olive tapenade were dropped off to the table.  Our starter salads were delivered next, which accompany all entrées and is always a great start to their meals.  The lemon chicken was amazing and very saucy, which is how I like it.  The rice that accompanies most entrees is always moist and flavorful.  I was glad to have tried another dish, but I still choose the chicken shwarma as their reigning champ!

Would I Return: Yes

Worth the Price: Yes

Prices: $17.95 Lemon Chicken, $19.50 Acacia Pinot (after 50% Discount), $17.95 Chicken Shwarma

Price: $$ ($10-$20)

Zaytoon Website


Lights Outside


Table Fire


Chicken Shwarma


Pita for Starters


Lemon Chicken

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