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Baskin Robbins

Since I showed so much restraint during dinner by ordering a salad, we decided to splurge for desert and headed over to Baskin Robbins on Upper State Street. With a place like Baskin Robbins you pretty much know what your gonna get both service and food wise. Per usual we each tried three different flavors after which I decided on a single scoop of Cake Frosting inside of a sugar cone. We were able to use our Axxess card for the second time in one night as we received another single scoop for free (one time offer). Allison decided to go with the “classic” Pralines & Cream in a sugar cone. The young girl working was plenty cordial and a good sport about our trying different flavors (as she should be). The store was clean inside and our trip was overall a good experience.

Would I Return: Yes

Worth the Price: Yes

Total Price (after discount): $2.74

Price: $ ($0-$10)

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