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The Habit Burger Grill – La Cumbre

The Habit Burger happens to be one of the most successful, Santa Barbara born restaurant chains and also one of my favorite places to grab a quick burger.  We decided to visit the La Cumbre location because it has the most inside seating and happens to be their newest.  We lucked out upon arrival and came in with no line and quickly put in our order, finding a nice booth immediately.  Not to mention the FourSquare badge (see below) for the check-in!  The order happens to be pretty standard for me although it can definitely vary depending on the time of the day and the extent of my appetitie.  Tonight I was hungry… Going for the malt!  The order is as follow:

– BBQ Bacon Charburger ($3.85) add Cheese ($0.50) and avocado ($1.00) … This beast of a burger happens to be one of my favorites and due to my appetite on this particular night I decided to add avocado (what doesn’t it make better?).  The grilled onions are also a must for any of the burgers or sandwiches.  As always the burger came out delicious and was the first item to dissapear of my plate.  On to the onion rings and fries…

-Onion Rings ($1.95) & Fries ($1.80) … In my opinion the onion rings at Habit are far superior than the fries.  The fries come out a little soggy for my liking while the onion rings are nice and crispy!  You have to ask for ranch (so don’t forget) and I know Allison’s meal isn’t complete without it!

-Chocolate Malt ($2.95) & Chocolate Milkshake ($2.85) …  Both of these drinks make for a great dessert and can even be enjoyed during the meal.  The malt is usually my choice because of the malty taste it brings.  I tend to like bigger chunks but oeverall both are usually enough to bring a nice end to the meal.

Would I Return: Yes

Worth the Price: Yes

Total Price : $21.92

Price: $ ($0-$10)

Habit Website


Flame Broiled Badge!




Grilled Chicken Sandwich


Chocolate Shake + Chocolate Malt = Heaven...



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