Nicky D’s Wood-Fired Pizza

It’s amazing how the small stretch of De La Vina Street can have three quality pizza joints.  After having Taffy’s and Marty’s on various other occasions I was ready to try the newest of the three, Nicky D’s.  Nicky D’s uses a wood-fired oven and offers your typical pizza shop fare; pizza, calzones, salads, wings, etc.  The spot is overall pretty small with only a handful of tables and the prep area in the same room practically.  It was Allison, Justin and I on this particular occasion so we decided to order a few items.  We ordered the house dinner salad, 6 HOT wings and a large Nicky D’Lux (pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, olive, peppers, onion).  We were able to use our axxess card for a one time offer of 20% off the entire order, which saved us about $7 on our total.  The salad was enough for three people and came with a tasty italian dressing and mixed greens as opposed to iceberg.  The wings can be ordered three different ways (regular, hot and BBQ) and having decided on hot it was a good thing we had water nearby.  They were very spicy and came out dripping in sauce.  The pizza arrived soon after and was drenched in toppings.  The sheer weight of all the toppings made the inner area of the pizza rather flimsy, but the crust got crispier towards the perimeter.  I found the big pieces of sausage very flavorful, but felt they went a little over board with the red onion.  The owner looked to be making the pizzas and also came out to check on us which was a nice gesture I always appreciate.

Would I Return: Yes

Worth the Price: Yes

Total Price (after discount and tip): $33 …. Full Mixed Green Salad: $7.95 Six Wings: $5.95 Large Nicky D’Lux: $21.95

Price: $$ ($10-$20)

Nicky D’s Website


Serious Signage


NY Style


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