California Pasta

After creating this blog just a few days ago my mind began to swirl about which restaurant would be my inaugural entry.  My first choice was Petros, a new, highly-regarded greek restaurant, but due to a trip down to LA our meal there has been postponed temporarily.  Following an afternoon of watching football today, Allison and I found ourselves strolling through Paseo Nuevo looking for a quick bite to eat before going to see “My Week With Marliyn”.  We decided to stop in at California Pasta, where we knew we’d be able to eat a quick and light meal while also using our Santa Barbara Axxess card for a discount.  I definitely hadn’t anticipated writing my first blog about a quick service restaurant like California pasta, but it was our experince there that reminded me just why I’m writing this blog.

When we first walked in there was no line so we went right up to the register to order.  We both decided to order the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad which comes with avocado and garlic bread.  Each salad cost $9.50 and the one time axxess deal gave us $6 off one of them.  Our salads were dropped off by an employee we thought was a customer at first considering that they had been talking on the phone, eating and taking up a table for four just prior to dropping off our food.  As we ate our food the line stacked out the door, all the tables filled up, and this employee continued to talk on her phone without a worry in the world.  It was at that moment I new I wanted to make this experince my first blog.  It encompassed so much of what I go through on a daily basis and my inspiration to do this blog in the first place.  These are the details I always seem to notice and have a different view of following my own experiences within the food industry.  Luckily for California Pasta they are not viewed by any stretch of the imagination a “fine dining” restaurant so these actions aren’t detrimental.  It’s the quality of the food and the promptness in which its delivered that should be the benchmark for a restaurant like this.  California Pasta not only brought out our dishes quickly, but they also left us satisfied as the chicken was seasoned well, the salad wasn’t over-dressed, the avocado was big and the garlic bread was nice and toasty (just how I like it!).  This trip to California Pasta was not my first and will not be my last as they consistently leave me satisfied.

Would I Return: Yes

Worth the Price: Yes

Total Price (after discount): $14.67

Price: $ ($0-$10)

California Pasta Website


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